Summer Computer Accounts

Students enrolled for any summer class will have full login access to the UMD computers for the entire summer. This includes ftp access to update web pages, and telnet access to ub and bulldog.

Students who are taking the summer off as well as students registered for the first time for Fall 2001 will have what we call "email-only" access. This means that they have access to email using clients such as Mulberry and Microsoft Outlook, which do not require logging in to ub or bulldog. Students registered for Spring or Fall will also have access to the World Wide Web via clients such as Netscape and Internet Explorer, and are able to dial in through the UMD modem pool.

Students who are not registered for summer classes but want full login access can purchase a $30 full access card at the Computer Corner (on the second floor of Kirby Student Center) and turn it into Gordee Bennett in MWAH 155 or Jason Davis in KPlz 162. Summer lab access is independent of login access and costs $57.20.

Students who are not returning to UMD are eligible for personal email accounts that we call sponsored internet accounts. They can apply now or after their "email-only" status expires at the end of the summer. Applications forms for sponsored internet accounts can be obtained from Spring Billiar in MWAH 157, and can be mailed to the students upon request via email (sbilliar) or phone (726-8843). The application is a paper form that must be signed by the student and by a faculty or staff member at UMD who agrees to act as the student's sponsor. The cost for a sponsored internet account is $2.10 per month plus charges for file storage, modem connect time, and central processor (CPU) minutes. In addition, there is a one-time setup fee of $20.

The rates for 2000-2001 academic year are as follows:

File storage - 1 cent per megabyte per day
Modem connect time at $.50/hour
CPU minutes in excess of 8 minutes per month - $1.00 per minute
(The first 8 CPU minutes per month are free.)

You are not likely to exceed the 8 minutes of CPU time with ordinarily
email use. To read several email messages takes a few 100ths of a
second of CPU time.

You can monitor your usage with the "ACCSTAT" selection in umenu (the
menu you see when you log into ub or bulldog).

Graduate students who have finished their course work and working on a thesis can get a thesis account ($75 per year for up to $1000 of computing), or a sponsored internet account. Spring Billiar (MWAH 157) has both forms.


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