Classroom Technology and AV News

This year we have added high tech equipment (digital projector, VCR, and closed-caption decoder) in Cina 214, MWAH 191 and L 410. User documentation is located at the Classroom and Research Technology home page (click on the Technology in Classrooms button) as well as in each room.

Old projectors in AV checkout and in CCtr 120 have been replaced with ones that will project 1024 X 768 resolution images. We are now in the process of replacing the next oldest projectors - ones that could accept 800 x 600 resolution images - with newer ones that have brighter images and handle a 1024 x 768 resolution. We hope to replace the ones in the SBE rooms this summer.

Other summer classroom projects include installing the standard high tech equipment in MonH 203 when it is remodeled. BonH 90 projector will be replaced as soon as classes are finished for spring semester.

DVD players have been added to our pool of checkout equipment from AV. We now have stereo CD players that better accommodate custom-burned CDs besides sounding GREAT.

Our checkout PC computers will be equipped with Centurian Guard systems that will keep ITSS-installed software safe from corruption. No user changes will be saved on the hard drive after a reboot of the computer. This means that if you want some specialized software installed, or have a presentation that needs to be installed on the hard drive (is too large for a zip disk) you will need to make arrangements ahead of time for an ITSS staff member to assist you with installing it. This change will happen over the summer, so please be alert to any special needs you might have for fall semester classes.


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