Microsoft Campus Agreement

ITSS is continuing to explore with campus departments the possibility of participating in a Campus Agreement with Microsoft. This is a program whereby an entire department pays an annual fee based on the number of FTE faculty and staff in the department. For that fee much of the Microsoft software is then available for use on any departmentally owned computers, including those in labs. The need to document the number of licenses purchased is eliminated because all computers in the department are covered. The software that's included is:

MS Office Standard & Professional Editions
MS Office Macintosh Edition
MS Windows Upgrades
MS BackOffice Server Client Access License
MS FrontPage
MS Visual Studio Professional Edition
MS Office Starts Here/Step by Step Interactive by MS Press

We will need departments totaling 500 FTE faculty and staff before we can participate. So far we have a commitment for approximately 300. We will be continuing to solicit participants in hopes that we can get closer to the required 500.

Many departments rely on the ITSS office server to obtain their software, but Microsoft no longer allows us to share licenses among multiple users via this server. Thus, it may make sense for ITSS to drop these Microsoft licenses from the office server and encourage departments to buy their own, either through the Campus Agreement or through the Computer Corner. We have not yet made this decision, and we welcome opinions.


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