Conserve on Modem Usage

The UMD modem pool has been extremely busy lately. Many of our customers have been complaining to us that they are unable to gain access to the modem pool, particularly during the busy evening hours. Please help us address this problem.

It is important to disconnect from the modem pool when you are finished. Several years ago we were able to detect when there was no activity on the account after 10 minutes and disconnect you from our end. With newer connection protocols, this is no longer possible. If you do not disconnect when you are finished, you will continue to prevent others from using your line until your four-hour time limit is up.

If you are a heavy user and do not wish to limit your usage, we suggest you consider contacting a local Internet service provider for your access. In particular, we are working with Charter Communications to facilitate cable modem services. See
Cable Modem Access to UMDNet for more information.

Please note that your UMD account is to be used primarily for work related to your role at UMD. You should not share your account or access to the modem pool with family members or friends. If you would like to review the campus policy on this issue, visit the Appropriate Use of Information Technology web site.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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