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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

May 2003

Microsoft Dropping Support for Windows 98 and NT4

Microsoft has announced their discontinuance of support for their Windows 98 and NT4 operating systems. The entire announcement from Microsoft which is effective as of June 30, 2003 can be read at the following Microsoft website. The actual information about the Windows 98 and NT4 operating systems is on the very last page of this document.

In this announcement Microsoft has indicated they will no longer provide free incident support and extended hotfix support after June 30, 2003. If there are security problems or other operational errors with Windows 98/98 SE, Microsoft will offer customers the opportunity to pay for incident support only on Windows 98/98 SE through January 16, 2004 to fix the problems. It appears that that paid incident support for Windows NT4 will not be available after June 30, 2003.

Due to the ever present attacks of viruses and hackers that attempt to gain access to University networks and workstations we are encouraging faculty and staff to become more security conscious about their computer data, workstations, software and networks. We recommend that all workstations using the Windows 98 or NT4 operating systems be upgraded to a more recent version of a Windows operating system, which include either Windows 2000 or XP. The newer operating systems offer greater security features and enable users to gain the use of the automatic "critical updates" patch notification and installation process.

Automatic updates are a method to ensure that your computer system has the most current security patches and operating system updates. To learn more about the advantages and tools available for automatic updates please read our Security Tools: Using automatic Updates web page. With so many security problems being discovered and fixed, this feature can be very useful.

ITSS and the Computer Corner will soon be offering a new Microsoft Campus Licensing Agreement that will be effective mid-July 2003. Departments may contact Jim Kolar ( or Steve Patterson ( to learn more about how to renew or subscribe to this annual agreement for access to application software and operating systems covered under this agreement. Go to the UMD Microsoft Campus Agreement site to find more information about this opportunity.

Access to PeopleSoft, for most users, is web-based through end-user browsers, specifically IE 5, 5.5, 6 and Netscape 4.7x, 6.1, 6.2x. These browsers are all available under either the Windows 2000 or XP operating systems. At this time there is no change recommended by PeopleSoft for certified browser support. ITSS will continue to monitor PeopleSoft support and we will notify the campus as we learn more about proposed or recommended PeopleSoft support changes.

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