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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

May 2003

Windows Software List for ITSS Full Access Computer Labs

The Student Computing Team of ITSS has compiled a list of programs that will be in the Full Access PC computer labs for Fall 2003. ITSS has made this list in an effort to improve the performance and stability of the PC computers in our Full Access labs..
At this time more than 200 programs are being installed on each machine and this is causing technical issues including: slow load times, software incompatibilities, and instability. We are taking steps to assure that the applications we install are useful to the campus community and compatible with our administrative configuration.

Please review the list below to be certain programs you are planning to use next Fall will be part of the computer labs. Here is a list of the affected labs: Solon Campus Center 42, Engineering 204, Humanities 470, Kirby Plaza 144, Marshall W. Alworth Hall 177, and Library 115/116/118/119.

Windows 2000
Microsoft Office XP
Acrobat Reader 5.05
Dreamweaver 4
Internet Explorer 6
Netscape 7
Pagemaker 7
Photoshop 7
UMD Net Communications (bulldog, ub)
Windows Media Player
WinZip 6.3

Symantech Antivirus

For Particular Academic Programs:
Autocad 2000
Mechanical Desktop 4
GRE PowerPrep
HPER software (specialized)
Hyperchem Pro 6
Hysys 2.4
Illustrator 10
Inspire 3D
MathCad 2000
Mathematica 4.0
Matlab 6.1
Promodel 2001
SPSS 11.5
XWin 32 5.4

Select Computers:
Disk Doctor
Scanner software


The design of this list is such that we want faculty members to let us know if a program they do (or plan to) use is not included. We can then work with them on an individual basis to find a solution to their needs.

If you are planning on using other programs for your coursework contact Rick Brill ( or ext. 7031) by Thursday, May 15th.

If faculty members do not contact ITSS by this deadline software not on this list will not appear in the labs for the Fall 2003 semester.

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