There are a few changes coming to the phone system at UMD. Until then, this first bit of information should be spread around campus.

If there is an emergency 911 call made from one of the new 788-XXX phone numbers that went into effect this past summer, the caller should have the following information ready for the 911 operator:

1. the phone number they are calling from
2. the building they are in
3. the room # they are calling from

These vital pieces of information will assist the 911 operator a great deal, and assure the fastest possible response from emergency professionals.

This information is really only needed from those phone numbers with the new 788-XXX prefix, which are mostly in the residence halls for the freshmen students.

The need for this information will go away in the near future, however, as ITSS is working on upgrading a portion of its phone system hardware. When this upgrade is completed a plethora of new options and features will be available for the benefit of the campus community. Details such as Caller ID numbers for off-campus phone numbers will be available.

Stay tuned to the ITSS News page for information and be assured our department will inform the campus when the changes go into effect.

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