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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

September 2000
FALL '00 TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS are now online and available for your inspection. Information Technology Systems and Services encourages you to participate in these workshops, and we guarantee you just can't beat the price.
See --> Technology Workshops
ITSS OFFERS SIX NEW SOFTWARE PACKAGES for the campus. Office 2000, Dreamweaver 3.0, Fireworks 3.0, Flash 4, Photoshop 5.5, and SPSS 10 (for Windows) are now all available on the Novell Office server.
See --> New Software
UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. You can easily keep your personal and professional information up to date as needed. Visit the page listed below to assure your information is accurate and displayed, as you prefer. Go to the Policies & Procedures section and find the link labeled Update Personal Information.
See --> UMD Info Register
WEB SERVICES AVAILABLE FOR FACULTY. The following site lists some programs and services related to teaching with technology or over the web. These programs are available to all faculty members at UMD. Gradekeeper, TopClass, Test Pilot, Web Crossing and password protected folders are all available.
See --> Web Services
TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT AND LONG DISTANCE CALL BILLING SUPPORT CHANGES. Due to the impending retirement of Diane Honey from the UMD Business Office this October, Information Technology Systems and Services will now provide customer support for several telephone services which Diane has so exceptionally provided over the past many years.
See --> Phone Changes

CHANGES TO OFF-CAMPUS LAPTOP/PROJECTOR USE AND AV EQUIPMENT RETURN. Sarah Paro (6317 or sparo) is now handling reservations for laptops and projectors for off-campus presentations. Please pick up reserved equipment at the AV desk in KPl 175 instead of Karlyne's office in MWAH.

All equipment checked out from AV (KPl 175) must be returned there. If you are teaching a late night class or doing a weekend presentation and cannot get back to KPl 175 prior to closing time, please secure the equipment in a locked office and return it as soon as possible the next working day. There will no longer be lab attendants in KPl 165 lab, so it is imperative that no equipment be left in that area.

More information on the classroom technology resources, visit the link below.
See --> Classroom Technology


Details for the software and hardware available in the campus computer labs have been finalized. This web site has a useful interactive map that shows the location of all basic and full access computer labs. There are also details that list specific information about the differences between
full and basic access labs and a useful FAQ section.
See --> ITSS Computer Labs

Additionally, information about the details, changes and additions to the laptop program is now available.
See --> Laptop Program

FORWARDING YOUR EMAIL to a different email address is an option that is available. ITSS recommends you use our facilities for your email and suggests you forward your email to your UMD address. However, we recognize that in certain situations you may need to forward your email to a different site. You can do this by following the link below to find the ITSS "email" web site. Once there, look on the left side in the blue background area and click on the "forward your email" item. You will be prompted for email address information. You can also use this page to stop forwarding or adjust the address as needed.
See --> UMD Email


POLICY ON APPROPRIATE USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. At the beginning of our new school year, please take a few minutes to review the campus policy on appropriate use of information technology. Although campus and university policies do allow for some personal use of computer and network systems, there are reasonable limits on this use as detailed in the policy. In particular, sending email to large aliases offering personal items for sale or soliciting on behalf of one's favorite charity or organization violates the policy. Solicitation on behalf of official University-sponsored charities or marketing of official campus businesses is acceptable. Thank you for your careful use of taxpayer-supported resources.

You can find more information on the web at the following site:
See --> Appropriate Use Policy


FAST ETHERNET SERVICE. ITSS has started to provide some 'fast' ethernet service (100 megabit) on campus. Most areas on campus have 10 megabit service to the desktop. Certain conditions need to be met before fast ethernet service can be installed, so follow the below link for more information.
See --> Fast Ethernet Service

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