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ITSS has started to provide some 'fast' ethernet service (100 megabits/second) to the desktop in selected areas of campus.

Most areas on campus have 10 megabit service to the desktop. Certain conditions need to be met before fast ethernet service can be installed, including: a fast ethernet card in your desktop computer, fast ethernet wiring in the building to your room, and fast ethernet equipment in the nearest connecting point to the backbone.

Another consideration is the speed of the computer on your desktop. Fast Ethernet requires both a fast compute chip (CPU), and a fast interconnect (bus) speed, otherwise your increase in speed may be minimal.

The last consideration is that ITSS needs a minimum of 12 connections per closet to match the cost analysis for fast ethernet pricing. The pricing difference for the local UMD charge is $6.25 versus $2.35 per month. In addition, the Twin Cities access fee is $6.01 per connection. Combining the local and TC fee results in a monthly fee of $8.36 for a 10 megabit connection, and $12.26 for a 100 megabit connection.

Since the boxes in the closets are often shared between departments, proximity of those asking for fast ethernet is important. If you or your department is interested please contact Dan Burrows (8846 or dburrows) for more details.

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