ITSS OFFERS SIX NEW SOFTWARE PACKAGES for the campus. A short description of each package is listed below, and just follow the links for more details on what each can do and how to obtain a copy.

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2000 is now available on the Novell Office Server for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 customers.

See --> Office 2000

MACROMEDIA DREAMWEAVER 3.0 NOW AVAILABLE on the Novell Office server. This powerful application creates Web pages and organizes sites. Excellent for site creation and management, the program integrates with Macromedia Fireworks. Good for the intermediate and advanced level Web creator. For more information on this program visit Macromedia's Site

For more information on how to obtain this program here at UMD, visit the link below.
See --> Dreamweaver 3.0 for Windows
See --> Dreamweaver 3.0 for Mac

MACROMEDIA FIREWORKS 3.0 NOW AVAILABLE on the Novell Office server. Fireworks creates and alters bit-mapped images. This program is great for extensive manipulation of images particularly for the Web and smoothly integrates with Macromedia Dreamweaver. Recommended for the intermediate to advanced level graphics user. For more information on the product visit Macromedia's Site

For more information on obtaining the program here at UMD, visit the link below.
See --> Fireworks 3.0 for Windows
See --> Fireworks 3.0 for Mac

FLASH 4 ADDED TO OFFICE SERVER Flash, a popular tool for creating scalable, interactive animation for the web, is now available on the office server for both PC and Mac users. All customers with full-service Novell accounts can use this program. Detailed instructions about requesting and installing the software from the server can be found at the below links.
See --> Flash 4 for Windows
See --> Flash 4 for Mac

PHOTOSHOP 5 ADDED TO OFFICE SERVER Available on both the Windows and mac platforms, this is another popular graphics application.
See --> Photoshop 5.5 for Windows
See --> Photoshop 5.0 for Mac

SPSS 10 FOR WINDOWS is available for Windows. SPSS is a statistical analysis tool for data management.
See --> SPSS 10 for Windows

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