September 2001

Changes in the Computer Labs for Fall 2001
ITSS has changed or upgraded a number resources for our public computer labs this past summer. Here is a synopsis of what has been accomplished:

Windows 2000 in all ITSS PC labs
All PC labs have been switched to Windows 2000. While the transition to Windows 2000 will require some work and may result in some short term difficulties, the end result should be a much more stable environment.

Hardware Upgrades
All PC labs have been upgraded to at least 450 Mhz Pentium IIIs with a minimum of 128 MB RAM. Each Full access lab has also been equipped with a new scanner. Some computer projectors have been upgraded, and all labs have a computer projector.

Computer lab moves / additions
The SBE 45 room has been reclaimed by the School of Business. The lab that used to be in that room is now in KPLZ 144. This means KPLZ 144 is now a full access lab that can be scheduled for courses. The SunRays which were in KPLZ 144 have been moved to the library. Also, there are 77 SunRays in KPLZ 165.

An additional PC teaching lab is located in CCtr 42. This new lab is equipped similarly to our other teaching labs, including white boards and a computer projector.

Anyone wanting more information about the labs can visit the ITSS Computer Labs home page


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