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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

September 2002

Central Systems Update

Central systems staff were busy this summer upgrading, patching, and replacing the various systems that make central services (such as email and web) reliable. Some major items that were worked on this summer:

  • IMP is a browser based way to read and send email. Although we encourage the use of Mulberry, many students (especially new students) are familiar with browser based systems to read and send email. Last year IMP was heavily used, we went from sharing a system to pooling two systems during the Spring semester. We have a total of three in the pool now, and the software has also been upgraded to current levels.
  • We added some additional systems to our email 'reading' pool this summer. All systems have been upgraded to current software levels, and some hardware upgrades have also been completed. We currently have eight systems in the POP and IMAP pool.
  • Servers were set up to allow access to MicroSoft Office products from the SunRay servers. Five servers are involved in this process, one as a web to MicroSoft translater, one as an authentication processor, and three MicroSoft Windows Terminal Servers.
  • Most central servers have been moved onto a higher speed access to the main campus backbone.
  • The authentication mechanism for the authenticated network was completely reworked this summer. It now features a different process to log onto and off of the authenticated network, and provides encryption during the login process.

The items above are just some of the things that were done this summer. We've focused on reliability and security. We encourage everyone to do the same by installing anti-virus systems, keeping them current, and keeping your desktop systems updated with patches as they are provided by the various vendors (Windows, Macintosh, Unix, etc).

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