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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

September 2002

Changes in ITSS Computer Labs for Fall 2002

As usual, ITSS has had a busy summer updating hardware and software in the computer labs.

Bring your own laptop to teach:

By mid semester, every teaching lab will have an svga input and an ethernet connection separately available for laptops. This means you can either use the teaching station we provide, or you can use your own laptop with a few simple connections.

Summer hardware upgrades:

  • MWAH 177, Library 116, and Library 118 have all been upgraded to 1.4 GHZ Pentium IV PCs.
  • SBE 17 has been upgraded to Power Mac Carbon 933 MHz G4s with 768MB RAM and internal DVD-burning SuperDrives.
  • The G3s from SBE 17 have been moved to Mont 239 and the iMacs from Mont 239 moved to Mont 209.
  • There are internal or firewire CD-burners in every Mac lab.
  • Flat screen monitors have been implemented in CCTR 41 and MonH 239.
  • Projectors and printers have been updated in various labs. As we upgrade projectors, we will continue to move them to the ceiling as we have already done in CCTR 42 and Engr 204.

Summer software upgrades:

In the Windows 2000 labs, we have upgraded software as follows:

  • Mullberry upgrade to 2.1.2 installed locally
  • IE upgraded to version 6.x
  • Netscape upgraded to 6.2
  • Zoomtext upgraded to 7.11
  • MS Office upgraded to XP
  • Photoshop upgraded to 7.0
  • Acrobat 5.05 update
  • Graphical Analysis upgrade to v 3
  • X-Win32 upgrade to 5.33
  • F-Secure SSH installed v. 5.2

Lab web pages updated and expanded:

The lab web pages have been updated to include all of the information listed above. In addition, you can now view the latest class reservations in the labs through a "live" and automated web page. Check out the ITSS Computer Labs home page for more information.

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