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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

September 2002

Classroom Technology Changes and Upgrades

Summer has been a busy time for ITSS and Facilities Management in the classrooms. Many classroom projectors have been upgraded, and others are scheduled for getting a first time install of our standard suite of equipment.

Network Login Change in Classrooms

All general purpose classrooms will be brought onto the authenticated network by start of fall classes. This means every user will need to identify themselves as UMD personnel prior to using the web, or any connection to a server. Authentication is accomplished by launching your browser and typing "net" (without the quotes) as the URL. Then log in with your X.500 (email) username and password. Documentation of this process will be posted in each room.

To enable getting a good connection, laptops should be shut down prior to going into the classroom. It should also be rebooted before connecting to an ethernet port elsewhere on campus when you leave the classroom.

Projector Operation Changes

Our new projectors no longer use a cable wizard; connecting to a laptop is done with one simple cable. The projector is powered on and off with the handheld remote rather than a separate power switch. An audio cable is attached to the cable setup also...this connected into the cable wizard in the past. You will notice a much brighter, sharper image than older projectors were capable of.

Rooms receiving upgraded projectors are: MonH 70, 80 & 108; MWAH 195; Cina 224 & 316; Engr 290; HH 302 and ABAH 225.

Four of the six SBE rooms will be getting podiums with power and Ethernet connections inside.

Rooms scheduled to get a projector, VCR/DVD player, closed captioning decoder and teaching podium are: MonH 206 & 208; HH 216: Engr 118, 177 & 280; VKH 221. H 314 will also get this equipment when it is remodeled. New installs will be done as time in classrooms permits. This may mean some will not be finished until semester break.

Classroom PC Changes

The PC computers in Chem 150 & 200 and MonH 108 have been upgraded to Windows and MS Office XP. You will need to authenticate to the network on these computers also, the same as using a laptop.

AV Checkout Equipment Improvements

The ElmoPad now has a projector attached as was requested on our faculty survey.

Any faculty having need for a DVD player in a classroom where we have permanently installed equipment should contact Doug Vandenberg (dvandenb) with that request.

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