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Transcript: Karen Janowski's Read&Write demonstration

The following text is a transcript for Karen Janowski's video demonstrating how to set up and use the Read&Write Chrome extension.


For those of us who work with with struggling readers and writers this information needs to go viral. Text help Read&Write just came out with a free Chrome extension for Google Docs.

What you do is you go to the Chrome Web store. Type in the search box Read&Write with no spaces. Once you type that in you will get this option: "Read&Write for Google Docs". You'll download it. I've already added it. So I've already got it. It opens it up. Added to Chrome. I've already done that.

Then what you do is you open up your Google Docs. And you will see this new option - this new icon - here. When I click on Read and Write I get this new toolbar. The Read and Write text to speech toolbar with dual highlighting. Look at this.

Screen Reader:

Assistive technology must be considered in conjunction with the students individualized...


Awesome. Now not only do you get dual highlighting in Google Docs which hasn't been available before but you also have some other wonderful features: Their fact finder: whatever word you've got highlighted it will take you to Google Site. You can go your translator, collect highlights. So if you have got a longer document you can highlight different things and then collect them. It also gives you a vocabulary list tool which is phenomenal.

It also has a dictionary and this picture dictionary. I'm going to click on the word "education" And I have a picture dictionary featured too. So what this does opens up. We'll click on this word "student". Select picture dictionary. And now it's going to show me some symbol support for students. How phenomenal is that? So you can really cognitively re-scale your document as well and get some really nice symbol support.

This is fantastic. Everybody needs to know about this. We need to spread this news to anyone that works with students who struggle. What do you think? Isn't this fantastic? Its free. It makes Google docs even better and even more accessible. Try it out.