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Transcript: Features of ReadWrite for Google Docs

The following text is a transcript for the video: ReadWrite for Google Docs by Texthelp. It explains the extension's features.


Welcome to Texthelp's webapps video series. Today we will be taking a look at the text app Read&Write for Google Docs.

ReadWrite for Google Docs allows teachers and students to create and collaborate on documents in real time in the cloud while providing accessibility and support tools simultaneously by integrating many of Read&Write Gold's most popular support features right into Google documents.

Once installed accessing Read&Write for Google Docs is simple. Simply open your Google drive account. On the home page you'll be able see previously saved documents. You'll also have the ability to create new Google documents. When you open a Google Doc it will be displayed in a new Google Chrome tab.

The Read&Write for Google Docs toolbar will be displayed and you can simply left mouse click to expand the toolbar and show all of the features. Users will have access to the following features in Read&Write for Google Docs:

  • A dictionary which provides text definitions as well speech playback
  • A picture dictionary which provide visual images from widget symbols to better understand the meaning of a word
  • Our text-to-speech functions play pause and stop for text-to-speech playback
  • Our fact finder tool which helps users explore a word or topic better by running a Google search
  • Our translator tool which provides a single word translation and speech playback
  • Our collect highlights tool which allows you to collect highlights made in Google Docs in a separate window
  • Vocabulary list builder which allows users to quickly create a vocabulary list using highlighted words and providing text and visual definitions

In order to use the text-to-speech within Read&Write for Google Docs simply select a segment of text you'd like read aloud and click on the play button.

Screen Reader:

Sports competitions were organized at Olympia. And were named after thier location. Hence thier name at Olympic games.


Clicking the stop icon will stop all speech playback. The dictionary tool in Read&Write for Google Docs lets users quickly look up the definition of a selected word in this case "Greece". And have that word read back to them using text-to-speech playback.

Screen Reader:

noun: Greece, Ellas - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil.


The picture dictionary provides added support for understanding a selected word by providing images from the widget symbols library. These images can even be copied and pasted right into your Google Document.

The fact finder tool helps you explore a word or topic better. Simply select the word and click on our fact finder icon. A new browser tab will open and a Google Search will be run on the selected word here you can click on links to explore that topic further.

The translator tool allows for quick single word translation of a selected word and can even have that word read back to you in the proper accent.

The collect highlights built-in within Read&Write for Google Docs allows you to use the built-in highlighters right within Google Docs to collect information within a Google Document. Simply select text that you'd like highlighted. And choose your Google Docs highlighter color - in this case yellow for key topic sentences and green for important locations. Then choose the collect highlights button to extract that text into a new window. Your highlights will be displayed in the new window and you'll also be provided a source of which document the highlights came from. You can also sort the highlights by color or position within the document.

The vocabulary list builder is a great tool for users to identify and get support for words they are having trouble with. This tool like to collect highlights tool uses the highlighters built into Google Docs. Simply select and highlight words you would like to be added to the Vocabulary List. And then click the Vocabulary list builder button. A new browser tab will be opened and the vocabulary list will be displayed. Included in the list are the word, text definition, images from the widget symbols library, and an editable notes field where users can add additional information. This list can be saved printed or copied and pasted into a new Google Doc.

Lastly, on the right-hand side of the toolbar is your options menu. Here you can change selected voice, change the voice speed, and toggle on or off continuous reading. When finished with Read&Write for Google Docs or if you wish to hide the toolbar simply click on the Read&Write button and the toolbar will be hidden.

That's it for today's video on Read&Write for Google Docs. Stay tuned for more videos from our web apps video series and for more information you can always visit our website at