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Modem Pool Access Fees

In response to University budget cuts, ITSS plans to eliminate our modem pool for dial-up network access effective July 1, 2011. Our records indicate that fewer than 130 people use this service, down from highs over 1000 in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Most people have switched to broadband services in order to obtain network access from home. When available, these services are so much faster and more convenient than dial-up that we recommend our remaining users make this conversion. Information about access to UMD via local vendors is available on our web site. Check the yellow pages under telecommunications for specific vendors.

Approved by the EPC Subcommittee on Information Technology and Library 11/19/2001

Approved by the Council of Deans and Academic Administrators 11/20/2001

Last Updated 8/22/2005

ITSS charges fees to those users who use more than 100 hours per month of time on the UMD modem pool. Usage under 100 hours per month will continue to be supported by other user fees.


The rationale for these additional fees is to encourage responsible use of a scarce resource. These fees were established in response to complaints about difficulty accessing the modem pool. Prior to implementation of these fees, usage data demonstrated that approximately 10 percent of our users were consuming approximately 50 percent of the available time on the modem pool. Previous attempts to appeal to heavy users of the service to reduce their usage did not resulted in any significant changes. Significant reductions in excessive reduce did occur after this charging mechanism was implemented.


ITSS implemented processes and rates similar to those used on the Twin Cities campus, where charges have been in effect since January 1997. The first 100 hours used each month will continue to be funded through other rates and fees. Usage above 100 hours will be charged directly to the user at the rate of $4 per each 10-hour increment.

Tracking and Notification

Access time will be tallied for each user daily. Once a user reaches or exceeds 90 hours in a month, that user will be sent an email message that the limit of 100 hours is close at hand. At the end of each month, all users that have exceeded 100 hours per month will be notified by email of their charges and presented with payment options. Those with outstanding bills will be restricted to 100 hours per month until the bill is paid.

Checking Usage

ITSS provides a web page that users can access to find out how much time they have used each month. Information available through this web page will be updated nightly.

Appropriate Use

The modem pool should be used to find and use resources out on the network. It is not to be used in a server mode to provide services to others on the Internet. The UMD Policy on Appropriate Use of Information Technology prohibits excessive use, especially excessive personal use, of shared technology resources.

Payment Options

Students, faculty, and staff can pay by check via mail or with cash (for the exact amount) or check in person at the ITSS office, Kirby Plaza 386, during regular business hours. Checks should be made out to "University of Minnesota." We are unable to provide change, so please bring the correct amount of cash.

In those cases where a department agrees that it is appropriate to pay for an employee's modem usage, a CUFS number will be accepted upon approval of the department head.


We recognize that occasional exceptions may be required under special circumstances. Requests for exceptions should be directed to Linda Deneen (ldeneen, 726-7588).

Minimizing Your Connection Time

The most important thing you can do is to make sure you disconnect your modem from the modem pool when you are not using it. ITSS is no longer able to detect when a connection is not being used in order to disconnect you automatically. We do disconnect users after 4 hours of continuous usage.

Make sure that other members of your household are not using your account. Faculty, staff, and student accounts are intended for the sole use of the individual to which they are assigned and should not be used by others.

Limit your recreational usage. Accounts at the University of Minnesota do allow some personal or recreational use, but excessive personal use is not allowed.

If you wish to continue to use at levels above 100 hours per month, or if you wish to provide access for other members of your household, please consider buying service from a local Internet Service Provider.

Assistance with Closed Accounts

If you exceed 100 hours usage one month, do not pay your bill, and then exceed 100 hours usage in a subsequent month, your access to the UMD modem pool will be denied until you have paid your bill. If you believe that there has been some error made, or if you need any assistance, please call the ITSS Help Desk at 218-726-8847.

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