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Samba File Services

What is Samba?

Samba allows you to set up Unix-based network printing and file services on Windows and Macintosh OSX computers. Additionally, Samba services allow Windows and Mac OX users to easily access and update their personal web pages on the UMD web server (

MyWeb - Personal web page storage

Use this area to build your personal web page. Pages you put here can be viewed by using the address:
where you substitute your Internet ID (email name) for the 'username' shown above. Setting up your Samba directory eliminates the need to use an SFTP program to transfer your files from your computer to your personal web directory. Once your Samba MyWeb directory is set up, you access the files just as you do files on your hard drive.

Note: Do NOT store private data in your MyWeb space. For private or confidential data, use Active Directory, NetFiles, or Google Drive.

For detailed instructions on how to use MyWeb, see:

MyFiles - Personal file storage

Use this storage area for your work files rather than keeping them on your desktop computer's hard drive. This area is backed up on a daily basis, with restore capabilities available from ITSS staff.

For detailed instructions on how to use MyFiles (winfiles), see:

Samba printing

Samba print service was retired December 2014. For other options for network printing, see: Network Printing.

Who can use the Samba services?

Any student, faculty or staff member with a UMD Internet/email account can use these services.

What is the cost for this service?

Samba access is included as part of your central system (faculty/staff) or basic access (student) fee. There are no additional fees for access to the Samba servers. However, there are costs and limits to the amount of disk storage used. For details, see: Rates and Fees.

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