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 The goal for production services within ITSS Services is to provide
 highly reliable equipment and services, to minimize down-time, and to
 make repairs and adjustments at hours that will affect the lowest
 number of customers. Equally important is to keep our customer base
 well informed about the status of our equipment and services, and to
 provide as much advanced warning as possible for service outages. This
 web page serves as one of the major ways we keep our customer base
 ** This change was originally scheduled for 5PM on Sep 18.
 ** It has been postponed to Friday, 5:30AM to avoid heavy wifi loads
 ** that we are attributing to iOS8 release.
 Fri Sep 19
 Beginning at 5:30AM ITSS network staff will be updating software for all
 wireless LAN controllers and wireless access points at UMD campus and
 remote sites. The work is necessary to patch software for a bug that we
 have been hitting, which can cause a controller to crash and reboot. These
 updates will impact wireless service for the following sites:
 All of UMD campus
 Cloquet Forestry Center
 Center for Economic Development
 Glensheen Mansion
 Research Lab Building
 Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center
 Natural Resources Research Institute
 Coleraine Minerals Research Laboratory
 RICH Center
 There will be instability with the wireless network as the updates take
 place, however service should still be available in areas with a dense
 deployment of access points. In areas that do not have as many wireless
 access points we anticipate a 10 minute or less outage sometime within
 5:30-6:30AM. If you experience issues connecting to wireless after 6:30AM
 on the date above, please notify the ITSS Helpdesk at 218-726-8847.
 Thank you,
 ITSS Network Team
 CR #658
 Although every attempt is made to keep the systems and networks up and to
 announce downtimes in advance, ITSS reserves the following time periods 
 for unannounced emergency shutdowns:
 		Wednesday	00:00 - 06:30 AM
 		Saturday	06:00 - 09:00 AM
 		Sunday		06:00 - 10:00 AM

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