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Compliance Sheriff: Checking Results

1. Select the "Health" Percentage Link

A health percentage is generated based-on the number of pages in your site that pass all checkpoints. It is meant to be an overview of the site's progress towards health, rather than an exhaustive proportion of passes and failures. For more information consult Notes on Health Percentages.

In the row corresponding to your scan, select the percentage (%) link under the "Health" heading.

Screenshot: Health  Percentage Link (14%)

You will be brought to a page with a report of your scan, it includes:

2. Select One of the Links in the "Result" Column

In the "Top 10 Issues" field, you will see a list of the ten results that HiSoftware recommends taking action on. The icons in the left margin tell you what type of checkpoint each item refers to: Failure, Warning, or Visual. To view a checkpoint’s violations as they appear on a site page, select the text in the result field. This will trigger an "Instances" feature, which allows you to view issues in the content as it appears on the page. You can view the rendered page or the source code, and Compliance Sheriff will show you exactly where each issue occurs.

For instance if you select "IMG element contains no ALT attribute." You will be taken to the first page where that issue was detected.

Screenshot: Top ten issues results.

The errors are indicated via a red line. In this case images without alt attributes will have a red line around them.

Screenshot: Image with read border

3. Select the "How to Fix" Link for Documentation

Screenshot: How to Fix?

The "How to Fix" link will help you find explanations of problems. When it is selected, a relevant page for the error from Techniques for WCAG 2.0 will appear. In this case it would be H37: Using alt attributes on img elements.

4. Select the "Code Source" to View Markup

If you want to dig into the markup, you can view your code for items that are flagged. Just select the "Code Source" link.

Screenshot: Code source

Errors will be highlighted in the markup.

Health Percentages

As it states on the University of Minnesota's Computer Accommodations Program's Web page:

The initial Compliance Sheriff scan of a Website may return a low "Health Score." Do not be discouraged or upset. Rather, consider this score a starting point for analysis, discussion, and planning...

An analysis may reveal that a Web designer may have numerous items to address in order to bring a Website into compliance with the University of Minnesota Accessibility of Information Technology standards. It is recommended that a Web designer engage their units' IT director to plan a strategy for addressing the identified accessibility issues.

Result Revision Wizard

A result Revision Wizard allows manual modification of scan results. It creates an audit trail report that allows reviewers to pass or fail content and document the justifications for decisions. This is needed for checkpoints that require visual checking, and when checkpoints generate false positives - for example, when a failure is recorded but manual inspection determines that the page or element in question should have passed the checkpoint, usually because the checkpoint rule does not explicitly cover all possible exceptions. For more information consult Revise Scan Results.

Manual Inspection

As stated in Strengths and Limitations of Automated Tools, a level of human interaction will always be required to assure that content is fully accessible.

Visual Check Icon The visual check icon is used in Compliance Sheriff to help identify areas where manual inspection is needed. Some may be fairly Easy Visual Checks.

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