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Navigation is the process of finding things in large or complex information spaces, such as on websites. Its purpose is to a help users find the content they want quickly. There are many navigation methods to make a website easy to navigate. For more information consult Navigation.
Negative Space - Consult White Space.
News Aggregator
A software program the periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML formats, finds the new bits, and displays the results on a single page.
Non-replaced Element
In general, those elements whose content is contained in the document.
Information provided to help understand and implement a standard, guideline, or specification. Non-Normative parts of a spec are meant to provide helpful guidance. For instance, examples or use cases can be used to assist in comprehension.
Criteria that must be satisfied to conform to a given standard, guideline, or specification. Normative parts of a W3C specification are the requirements for conformance and are typically associated with RFC2119 keywords such as "MUST" and "SHOULD" and "MAY". Conformance to a standard means that you meet or satisfy the requirements of the standard.