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Organizational Leadership Emphasis

organizational leadership

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Academic Requirements:

Take the Organizational Leadership Core courses through the Cultural Entrepreneurship program:

    • MGTS 1101: Introduction to Business 
    • PSY 3211:  Group Dynamics OR MGTS 2411: Team Skills 
    • AMIN 3820: Foundations of Tribal Project Management 
    • SOC 3831: Organizations and Society OR PSY 3520: Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
    • CUE 4201: Foundations of Organizational Leadership OR MGTS 4431: Leadership Studies 

Contact Aparna Katre, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship, with questions or for assistance with academic issues 

Internship/Service/Volunteering Requirements: 250 hours minimum 

You may count unpaid internship hours for CUE 4096 or CUE 4097

See the Service Hours page for a list of service opportunities in the community. 

You may use service/volunteering hours on campus.  Examples of on-campus service include: peer advising, tutoring, Teaching Assistant, officer in a club or student organization, service trips, BWW RockStar, tour guide, etc.

Document your service/internship/volunteer hours here.

Leadership Workshop Requirements: 20 hours 

Attend twenty hours of thought-provoking and challenging sessions. Six of your twenty hours must be on equity/diversity/inclusion topics.  The best workshops for you to choose will be in your own field of study.  Ask your professors for recommendations on workshops, symposia, lectures and conferences in your field or attend these more general leadership or equity/diversity sessions offered at UMD. See the Workshops page for a calendar of events.

We also recommend the following:

Document your workshop attendance here.

Attend the KLI Capstone:

The Capstone is a non-credit, two-session workshop taken when all of the requirements above are completed or almost completed.  In the Capstone, participants discuss Inclusive Leadership concepts, review/learn Leadership Strengths, create their Leadership Resume (portfolio), and are prepared to receive the UMD Leadership Certificate with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership at the annual student awards ceremony.  Capstones are offered each semester, you may register online: