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Outdoor Emphasis

Bagley Nature Area

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Outdoor Leadership Emphasis 

Participate in 135 hours of training or practical experience in outdoor leading (or 9 class credits) or a combination of both credits and training/experience.  Each class credit = 15 hours in this category. 

Training should be spread across the following competencies to lead toward toward a broad experience:

  • Foundations of outdoor leadership.  Discover why getting people outdoors is important.
  • Self awareness.  Be able to explain why you do what you do. 
  • Decision making and judgement.  Practice the skills to make decisions and see the outcomes in a safe, and professional manner. 
  • Teaching and leading.  Gain experience teaching and leading. 
  • Environmental stewardship.  Explore stewardship techniques that respect the natural environment.  
  • Program management.  Practice planning and organizing lessons and trips.  
  • Safety and risk management.  Gain appropriate first aid certifications and be able to apply them in outdoor settings.  Practice preventative risk management strategies.  
  • Technical skills.  Strengthen your technical outdoor skills.  
  • Sustainability.  Explore the intersection of social, economic, and environmental aspects of decision making.  

Approved Course for Credit:

  • Ened 3309/3310 Outdoor Leadership (3 cr)


  • Outdoor Program Fall Staff Training
  • Outdoor Program Winter Staff Training

Practical Experience:

  • Trip and/or program leading where you are the primary or co-leader (counts as 8 hours per full day of travel). 

Final Requirements: