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BulldogLink FAQ

What is BulldogLink?
BulldogLink is the student organization management website that we use in Kirby Student Center. It is where we keep all of our student organizations' information. The information on the group pages is provided and updated by the student members of the organization.

How do I get more information about an organization?
You can get more information about a group several ways, including talking to the groups if they are tabling in Kirby Commons and attending open group meetings. The most frequent first step taken by students is to use BulldogLink.

  • Visit BulldogLink’s website:
  • Look up the organization you would like to find more information about by clicking on the “ORGANIZATON” tab near the top of the page. There are search options in the column on the left side of the page.
  • If you don’t find the information you were looking for on the group’s page, email or call the Primary Contact of the organization. You can find who that person is in the right hand column of the group’s “Home” page.

How do I join an organization at UMD?
Depending on what organization you want to join, the process will differ on how you can join. Some organization’s have tryouts to join, like Club Volleyball; some allow anyone to just show up to the posted meeting time, like the American Sign Language Club; and others require that you become a member of the group before you attend a meeting.

  • If you want to join an organization, here are a few recommended methods:
  • Email or call the Primary Contact of the organization, found in BulldogLink
  • Attend the Student Activities Fairs at the start of Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Stop by an event or open meeting on campus that the group you are interested in joining is hosting (for example: a bake sale at the Kirby tables across from the UMD Bookstore).
Noteworthy Info: You may notice a “Join Organization” on a group's homepage in BulldogLink. While we encourage you to use this button, not all organizations are efficient in checking their pages for new member requests. Use this button in conjunction with one of the above listed methods.

I can't get in touch with a student group or a group isn’t getting back to me. What do I do?
This happens. Don’t take it personally and try not to get discouraged. Officers change, emails get lost in the shuffle, and students get busy with life. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try contacting a secondary officer. Go to the “Roster” tab in BulldogLink and try emailing 1-2 other identified student leaders for information. Give them 3-4 days to reply.
  • Try contacting the group’s faculty/staff advisor, if they have one listed in their roster.
  • Try stopping by their group office space (i.e. Multicultural Center, Greek office, Student Association office, etc.) if they have one.
If all of those ideas still prove unsuccessful, contact our Student Organization Peer Resource, Kendra, at and she will do her best to get you connected to the group you are trying to reach!

How do I register my organization and/or start a new organization?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “BulldogLink” under Activities > Student Organizations
  3. Log into BulldogLink using your x.500 in the top right corner
  4. Click on the ORGANIZATIONS tab
    • Returning groups: Find your organization in the list and click “Register this Organization.”
    • New groups: Click on the “Register a New Organization” button on the left
  5. Follow the instructions and submit for approval!

How does my organization apply for a funding grant?
The UMD Student Association (SA), also known as student government, conducts a grant process near the beginning of both fall and spring semesters for student organizations. Student groups that have registered with Kirby Student Center and who do not receive student services fees are eligible to apply for funding. It is SA’s goal to be able to give at least some money to every group that applies. Contact SA’s VP of Finance, Cody Reilly, for more information.

How do I reserve a room in Kirby Student Center?
Kirby Student Center uses the EMS online reservation system to reserve our rooms, table space in Kirby Commons, and banner space in the Kirby stairwells. You use your x.500 to log into the program from the Kirby website.
Call Lisa at 218-726-7166 or email if you have any problems or questions with the website.

Have a question regarding student organizations that you need answered? Check out our Student Organization Handbook by visiting Click on the "Activities" tab, select "Student Organizations", and click “Handbook.” If the answer isn’t in there, contact our Student Organization Peer Resource, Kendra, at or our Senior Student Activities Advisor, Christina, at

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