ePortfolio is a secure web resource at the University of Minnesota available to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni for efficiently managing their own digital information and records. Advantages of using ePortfolio:

  • Efficient: Enter information once in ePortfolio, use it many times
  • Safe: Access your University of Minnesota and self-reported information and documents from any networked computer in the world
  • Secure: Free storage of up to 5 GB of files on secure University of Minnesota servers
  • Free: Free lifetime access to ePortfolio upon graduation

ePortfolio is available worldwide. In the past year, users viewed 1,009,376 pages and logged in from 104 countries.

Need Help?

Drop-in assistance is available Spring 2012 week days from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Knowledge Management Center (42 Solon Campus Center).

On-line Help Desk assistance is available by email: portfolio@umn.edu. Online instructions are at https://sites.google.com/a/d.umn.edu/eportfolio/.

Faculty and Staff

Classroom demonstrations may be requested online.

For general information about ePortfolio contact:

Bruce Reeves
386 KPlz
218.726.6831, breeves@d.umn.edu


Amanda Evans
360 KPlz
218.726.7680, amevans@d.umn.edu


Lisa Rigoni Reeves
42C Solon Campus Center
218.726.7701, lreeves@d.umn.edu

1-Minute introductory video to ePortfolio. Download


ePortfolio is an evolving technology being built at the University of Minnesota and managed by UMD's Knowledge Management Center. Recent milestones in its evolution include:

July 2010

New features include:

August 2009
ePortfolio 5.4 goes live. New features include ePortfolio communities and assessment tools available for documenting and evaluating learning outcomes.
September 2008
ePortfolio 5.3 goes live. Improvements include a major redesign, folders for organizing shared portfolios, and portico.
January 2008
Open Source ePortfolio (OSeP) is released. The code may be downloaded free from SourceForge.


ePortfolio: Getting Started
Tutorial for using the new version of ePortfolio (Sep. 2010)
ePorfolio User's Guide
ePortfolio User's Guide and tutorial with screen shots
ePortfolio Homepage
ePortfolio login page for all University of Minnesota users
Portico Download
Installation materials to install desktop widget for uploading materials to ePortfolio
ePortfolio Helpdesk
Send us your ePortfolio questions; they will be answered quickly
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