Graduation Planner


Graduation Planner is an interactive planning tool for University of Minnesota students on all campuses.

By using Graduation Planner students can:

  • Explore what courses they need to take and when they should take them
  • Make a plan that will help them stay on track for graduation which helps control costs
  • Develop thinking skills through reviewing all material provided and making best informed decisions
  • Develop attention to "small details" and viewing the "big picture"
  • Develop how to solve problems (could not register for planned courses, major/minor decisions, reworking plan based on issues)
  • Develop flexibility and understand the need for change

Students should work with their adviser as they plan for their degree. Some majors or programs have application procedures or special requirements, and your adviser is the best source for this information.

Keeping plans updated will enable you to stay on track.

By using Graduation Planner advisers can:

  • View advisees plans to see if they are on track
  • Comment online or request advisees bring a copy of their plan to advising sessions to streamline discussion around coursework
  • Spend less time on course discussions and more time discussing graduate school, internships, and jobs
Graduation Planner graphic

UMD students spend time trying to convince a fellow student how useful and easy it is to use the University of Minnesota Graduation Planner. Download