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Computer literacy, the ability to use computers to perform a variety of tasks, is becoming fundamental to the learning process. The "information age" perhaps best describes the twentieth century; the next century has been described as the "information processing" age. A wide variety of computer skills are useful and, in some cases required, as an essential part of college learning and employment for most individuals. UMD offers many opportunities for learning these skills. In addition to the resources listed below, UMD offers opportunities for advanced computer study through computer science and electrical and computer engineering degree programs.

ASSESSMENT What is your ability to operate a computer ?
Evaluate your ability to use e-mail and Internet to communicate and locate information.
Evaluate your word processing ability ?
Assess your ability to create a worksheet using spreadsheet software?
Assess your skills for creating and manipulating a database.
Evaluate your skills for creating and manipulating graphic files .
How can you apply general technology knowledge and skills ?



Learning computer skills.

Using computer skills.

Teaching and/or Managing computer skills.
Read the document on the Appropriate Use of Technology at UMD .
Read about networking services for UMD students.
Read about UMD student computing.
Become familiar with computer terminology.
Contact Information Services' Help Desk with your computer and/or networking questions. Phone: 726-8847, and e-mail:
Become familiar with educational software and computers available in the UMD Computer Corner.
Take UMD courses containing instruction for specific computer skills.
Attend Information Services
Use the on-line documentation for e-mail, file transfer, web editor, and Internet tutorials.
Enroll in a degree program and/or concentration of study associated with computer literacy.
Become a lab attendant in UMD's computer labs.
Enroll in UMD's Master of Education Concentration in Educational Computing and Technology Program

KEEPING A RECORD Create a homepage containing documents you have created demonstrating different computer skills.
Enter your resume on-line through Career Services.
Ask a supervisor or professor to write a letter of recommendation describing your computer skills.
Keep a copy of your self-reported computer literacy assessments above and record the changes in your answers over time.

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