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Leadership is an ability that can be learned and developed. It is the process of making something happen.Leadership facilitates the achievement of goals that might not otherwise be achievable. Leaders are creative and caring.Energetic and committed, they demonstrate many skills, including highly developed communication skills.Find out what UMD Leaders have to say about leadership.

ASSESSMENT Take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (on-line)
Determine your leadership domain


Learning about leadership
Taking part in leadership activities
Teaching and or managing leadership skills
Learn about recording your out-of-class participation in a Co-Curricular Transcript
Take UMD classes on leadership
Enroll in a leadership workshop
Read about leadership (on-line)
Join a student organization and practice your leadership skills
Take part in volunteer activities through SERVE
Serve as an intern (Career Services)
Enroll in a teaching assistant training course
Become a SERVE leader
Become a SAFE leader
Take part in ROTC leadership training program
Become a member of the Student Association
Join a campus committee
Join the Kirby Program Board

KEEPING A RECORD Create a Co-curricular transcript
Record a letter of recommendation describing your leadership skills
Example Transferrable Skills Record

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