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Academic Planning involves many skills including the ability to set educational goals and select a course of study to reach those goals. Many campus resources (faculty advisers, student affairs offices, UMD bulletin, Career Services) are available to help guide your decision making.

Know Your Basics Skills Test Scores
Math Placement Exam
ACT Scores
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Read Your Current Transcript
Read Your Student Profile
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Learning about academic planning

Doing/Applying academic planning skills

Teaching and/or Managing academic planning information
Read "How to Graduate in 4-years" on-line
Meet with your academic advisor
Know resources in your collegiate Student Affairs Office: (School of Business and Economics)(College of Education and Health Service Professionals)(College of Liberal Arts)(College of Science and Engineering)(School of Fine Arts)
Learn about academic programs offered at UMD
Learn about Resources for Undecided Majors
Enroll in the Introduction to College Learning course at UMD (SSP 1000)
Look at the Four Year Plans for specified UMD majors
Make an academic plan
Become familiar with the UMD Bulletin (on-line)
Read an APAS audit of your progress towards a degree
Fill out your Upper Division Papers
Read the Senior Checklist on line
Become a Peer Advisor or a Safe Leader

KEEPING A RECORD Keep a copy of your academic plan
Keep a copy of your current transcript
Keep a copy of your upper division papers
File a letter of recommendation for being a peer advisor

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