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The ability to find and use information efficiently and effectively is an important asset. As a student, you need to find information relevant to your field of study and your course assignments. In your future career or simply in your life, research skills will allow you to find the information that you need. An important place to develop your research skills is the library. Although computer technology and telecommunication advancements have introduced new ways to find information, the library remains a solid starting point for your research. The UMD Library has traditional and electronic materials that support the curriculum and research of the campus, as well as staff and services available to help meet your information needs. There are several opportunities for learning research skills, as described below.
ASSESSMENT Do you know where the UMD Library is
Have you visited the UMD Library Home Page?
What are your attitudes toward doing research and using the library? Compare them to these common myths about the library. An informed and realistic view will help you to succeed in your research.

Work through the Library Research Tutorial
Take a tour of the library. Tours are offered at the beginning of each quarter. Visit the UMD Library Home Page or watch for signs in the Library for dates and times of tours.
Take a virtual tour by viewing maps of the UMD Library.
Actively participate in library instruction if offered as part of a course, such as COMP 1120 (Introduction to College Writing).
Ask at the Reference Desk for guidance before you start your research or at any point during the research process.
Become familiar with library vocabulary
Using research skills. Use the UMD Library for course assignments and personal research interests.

KEEPING A RECORD Add a bookmark for the UMD Library Home Page.
Maintain a file of handouts from library instruction sessions.
Maintain a file of course assignments that required library research, including evaluation by professors of your projects and research skills.
Build a list of useful resources (reference tools, indexes, journals, web sites, etc.) for your future research needs. 

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