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Brown, William and Wayne Holtzman. A Guide to College Survival, American College Testing Program, Iowa, 1987 ($8.95, now available at UMD Main Street Store).

"If you are to survive as an entering freshman you must realize that the first year in college is not grade 13 of high school." This is one of the many recommendations given by William F. Brown and Wayne H. Holzman in their classic guidebook A Guide to College Survival. In their text, Brown and Holtzman provide practical information on how to adjust personally, socially, and academically to the demands of college life. The development of both effective study habits and positive study attitudes are encouraged. Three special features provided by the text are "The Study Skills Checklists" which provide the reader with a quick method of problem identification in the areas of study organization, techniques and motivation. Interpretive information and a diagnostic profile are included to simplify and promote understanding and using the results of these checklists, and many step-by-step tips are provided to guide you on your way to a successful college experience.

Ellis, David, Becoming A Master Student,(Seventh Edition), Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, Mass., 1994. ($26, now available at UMD Main Street Store) ** UMD Library has Seventh Edition LB2343.3.E44 1994X **

From time management tips for right-brained people to guidelines for group studying, Becoming a Master Student is packed with practical nuts-and-bolts techniques that thousands of students have suggested and tested over the years. Ideas are presented in short magazine-style articles loaded with lists, charts, graphs, visuals, one-liners, and side-bars. Colorful icons identify journaling, critical thinking, and learning styles activities.

McWhorter, Kathleen, Study and Thinking Skills in College, Little Brown, Boston, Mass. ($30, now available at UMD Main Street Store) ** UMD Library has 1996 ed. of "Study and Critical Thinking Skills in College" by Kathleen McWhorter LB2395.M445 1996 **

Kathleen McWhorter's goal in this book is to approach study and thinking as active learning processes; consequently, she includes many opportunities for students to interact with her material and offers techniques for students to think and interact with lectures and other means of conveying information. She also helps students develop a positive attitude toward learning, organize themselves effectively, take responsibility for their own learning, improve time management skills, and prepare for exams.

Pauk, Walter, How to Study in College, 4th. Edition Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston 1989 ($26, now availabe at UMD Main Street Store) ** UMD Library has 5th ed. LB2395.P3 1993 **

Walter Pauk is the Grand Daddy of college study skills. He was one of the first authors of a "How to Study" guide and his 4th. edition continues to be a straight forward practical guide. The book delves into most aspects of attaining academic success. It is simple in its approach and contains basic, worthwhile techniques for managing time, reading textbooks, taking tests, taking lecture notes, and being academically successful. It is easy to read and has few exercises for student practice. Walter tells it like it is! He doesn't believe in magic or formulas and puts most of the responsibility for doing well in college on the student. If Walter were a 90's kind of guy he would probably way, "Just Do It!! But do it right."

Wong, Linda, Essential Study Skills, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, Mass., 1994. ($27, now available at UMD Main Street Store)

Wong's text (317 pages) offers practical information, exercises and strategies related to learning styles, goal setting, time management, concentration, information processing, reading textbooks, taking notes in texts and lectures, and taking tests. The book makes effective use of visual mapping, self-assessment of skills, chapter summaries, review questions, and exercises. Its organization is very user friendly, and a good choice for students with learning disabilities.

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