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Study Skill Competency

So when do you know when you have competent study skills? Is it when you get an "A" on an exam? Possibly, but maybe the exam was just easy and you didn't study at all. Performance on a specific exam isn't always the best measure of competence. So what is a good measure?

The answer to that question lies in the concept of "independent learning." Remember in high school how a teacher reviewed material several times and was fairly explicit about what were right and wrong answers? Now that you are in college you may have noticed that some of this still goes on but that there may be several answers to a question, and you must justify why your answer is a good one.

The goal of study skills is to decrease your dependence on teachers and increase your ability to learn independently. If you must look to someone else to interpret or explain information, you will never become an intellectually free person. That's not to say that you should never ask for clarifications or explanations. Questioning is important to becoming an independent learner, but the answers to your questions, as you develop intellectually, will become more information to process as you draw your conclusions.

So when have you developed competent study skills? When you develop the courage and desire to open text books, to attend lectures, to read, to listen, and to THINK about what is entering your mind. Then to say something like, "Well, I agree with most of what you said, but I believe that...."

What do you think?

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