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Knowing how to study is like knowing how to fish. It's a set of learning skills that lasts a lifetime and brings many rewards. Just as there are ways to know that you are a competent fisherman, there are also ways to develop study skills competency.


Take the Study Skills Survey
Do a Time Audit for one Week
Answer the Study Skills Checklist in A Guide to College Survival
Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Take the Keirsey Temperment Sorter from Sunsite


key: Learning about study skills
Practicing effective study strategies
Teaching and/or managing study skills
Read about Time Management
Read aboutMemory Techniques and Mnemonics from Mind Tools
Print and use the Planned Weekly Schedule
Read about Motivation
Send a question or comment to a UMD Study Strategies Teaching Assistant on Study Strats e-mail
Learn about Test Taking Strategies
Develop a Note Taking System
Attend a Study Strategies Workshop
Read about Learning Styles
Become a Study Strategies Teaching Assistant
Read aboutMetacognition from Valdosta University
Read one of the books in the Annotated Bibliography
Take a Study Strategies Course
Print and use the Time Use Chart
Ask a peer tutor for assistance
Become a peer tutor

KEEPING A RECORD Create Your Own Study Skills Profile
File a Letter of Recommendation from a Study Strategies Teaching Assistant or Faculty Member evaluating skills.

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