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Learning Styles

You have probably noticed that when you try to learn something new that you prefer to learn by listening to someone talk to you about the information. Some people prefer to read about a concept to learn it; others need to see a demonstration of the concept. Learning Style Theory proposes that different people learn in different ways and that it is good to know what your own preferred learning style is.

Some links have been provided below for you to follow to learn more about learning styles. There are a variety of instruments that help you identify your learning style and you may prefer to do them on line, or you may want to stop in the Career Service Office, Campus Center 21, to talk to a real person and use a real pencil to fill out a Learning Style Inventory! But first, check out the resources below.

What is Learning Style (Move through the article abstracts to the explanation of learning style and a discussion of learning style models)

Learning Theories (database of 50 major theories of learning and instruction). Theory Into Practice (TIP), Greg Kearsley

New Students-New Learning Styles (a rather academic discussion of learning styles with a faculty perspective)

Good luck learning about Learning Styles! You can use AltaVista to expand your search for materials on Learning Styles.

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