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The College Study Strategies course (SSP 1054) is designed to give students the academic skills necessary to succeed in their college courses and college life. Like any job, being successful in college requires certain skills to make the job easier and to help the person doing the job become more efficient. This course takes an in-depth look at what the job of "college" requires and how to be good at it.

College students are given mountains of homework: reading assignments, research papers and group projects. Most of them continue to have busy and equally important social lives. The study strategies used in high school will not be appropriate for college. College Study Strategies (SSP 1054) looks at ways to be successful: how to efficiently read textbooks, how to take useful classroom notes, how to manage time, how to take tests, and how to deal with university policies and procedures.

Students are given opportunities to discuss problems they face in their new environment. They are also asked to share what works for them. Peer teaching assistants share in the responsibility of teaching the course and provide peer leadership.

How to Register

You can check the Supportive Services Program listing in the quarterly class schedule to find out when SSP 1054 - Study Strategies is offered each quarter. It is a two credit course (yes, it is a college credit course) that is offered during the day and serves as an elective in most degree programs.

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