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Study Skills Profile

Here is your opportunity to begin to keep a record of your development of study skill competencies. Below you can list the results of the Study Skills Checklist from A Guide to College Survival. If you took the Study Skills Survey, enter your score below. You can also begin to list the books you have read, the courses you have taken, and the workshops you have attended to improve your study skills.

  1. Here are the results of the Study Skills Checklist

    Areas for Development

  2. Results of Study Skills Survey

    (Interpretation of this "score" is rather personal. You ranked each of these competencies on a scale of 1 (very low competence) to 10 (mastery), so you can decide for yourself where you need work. You should also consider the recommendations provided when the computer "scored" your survey).

  3. Enter the books and publications relating to college study skills you have read. Either choose the titles from the check boxes or type in unlisted entries.

    I have read the following publications to improve my college study skills.

  4. Guide to College Survival
    Becoming A Master Student
    Study and Thinking Skills in College
    How to Study in College
    Essential Study Skills
  5. Choose the courses you have taken (from the check boxes.

    I have taken the following courses to improve my study skills.

    College Study Strategies, SSP 1054
    Preparation for SSP Teaching Assistantship, SSP 3001
    Tutor Training: Individualization of Instruction, SSP 3003
  6. Choose the workshops you have attended from the check boxes .

    I have taken the following workshops to improve my study skills.

    Reading a text
    Test-taking Strategies
    Gopher It
    Time Management
    How to Register
    Money Management
    Preparing for Finals

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