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Study Strategies Teaching Assistant

The college study strategies course (SSP 1054) at UMD succeeds because of the peer teaching assistants (TAs) who lead weekly small groups. Working as a Study Strategies TA you can further develop your own study skills, but also you can develop confidence and leadership skills.

You can become a Study Strategies TA by first taking SSP 1054 (and doing well) and expressing interest in working as a TA. Your instructor may also recognize your ability and recommend you to the instructor of the TA Training Course (SSP 3001). An application process is started once a group of potential TAs has been identified. You may be enrolled in any collegiate unit, but you need to have a "respectable" grade point average to be selected for the training class. SSP 3001 meets only during spring quarter and will enroll approximately 14 study strategies students.

At the end of the training, approximately nine of the "trainees" will be chosen to be TAs or alternates for the next fall quarter classes of SSP 1054. The other "trainees" who weren't selected for fall may be chosen to help during winter or spring quarter classes.

All the TAs who will be helping teach SSP 1054 sign up for a three credit practicum class (SSP 3004) during the quarters they are TAs. They meet weekly with their instructors to plan activities for the small group they lead.

Most TAs find the experience of helping students succeed at UMD to be positive and educational. Working closely with a faculty member can also have its rewards.

If you would like more information on this program, please contact Bob Flagler at 8724 (Campus Center 82) or Dale S. Olson at 8728 (Campus Center 78)

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