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Time Management

Tick, tick, tick ...No, it's not the beginning to 60 MINUTES nor is it the dreaded crocodile coming to get Captain Hook. It's time moving on. College students often report that their inability to manage their time is the biggest problem they face in college. Time management is a skill few people master, but it is one that most people need.

Do you agree? Probably, since you are reading this right now. You have so many competing demands on your time: friends, movies, studying lectures, home, relationships and on and on. How can you come to grips with all of it? Most time management experts say that one of the first things people need to do to manage their time is to determine how they spend their time now. A tool for doing this is called a time audit. You may want to look at a sample time audit to compare yours. Once you have completed a time audit you can begin to change the way you manage yourself in relation to time.

Did you catch that? Time really can't be managed. You can't slow it down or speed it up or manufacture it. It just IS. Time management is MANAGING YOURSELF when following some basic time management principles.

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