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UMD has 65 major and 57 minor undergraduate programs of study. There are many factors which go into selecting a program of study. Before making a decision, it will help to become familiar with different areas of study. Many resource people and materials can assist you in this process. If you are undecided, taking the Liberal Education courses will help find area(s) of study you find most exciting and interesting. The search can be almost as much fun as immersing yourself in an area of study. By intergrating what you know about yourself and your career aspirations, you will be able to make an informed decision when selecting a major.

AssessmentAnswer the brief questionnaire on-line
Do one of the exercises to find a major
Take the Career Exploration Inventory


KEY: Learn about different resources for selecting a major
Use resources to select a field of study
Teach and/or manage advising information and resources to others
Listen to Julie's Tips for Selecting a Major
Scan the list of UMD majors and minors, and follow the links to in-depth program descriptions
Read "One hundred fifty College Majors" by College Board.
Read the book " What can I do With a Major?" or "Major Options" available in Career Services Resource Center
Get a "Fact Sheet" about an area of interest in your Student Affairs Office
Talk to a faculty member in your area of interest
Read "Dont Worry About Getting a Major" available in Career Services Resource Center
Do a web search for college degree programs through College Board
Read: "The Value of a Liberal Education" article
Become a SAFE Leader, Peer Advisor, or Peer Counselor
Talk to college graduates. Do an interview
See resumes of graduates
Meet with a career counselor
Read Nancy Heller's "Activities for Decision Making".
Take ACT Decision Making, Realizing the Dream Workshop.
Attend a Career Services Workshop

Keeping a RecordRecord the results of Career Exploration Inventory
Record the results of your Bulletin Survey
Record letters of recommendation
Record your Learning Autobiography

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