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Skills useful for searching for (and getting) a job are in the following areas:

  1. Presenting and marketing oneself
  2. Finding job leads and researching companies
  3. Evaluating the match between yourself and the job

ASSESSMENT Take the job readiness quiz
Take the on-line Transferable Skills Survey to identify your skills
Conduct a mock interview
Have a professional assessment of your resume done at UMD's Career Services Office


key:Learning how to do job searches
Using resources to conduct a job search
Teaching and/or managing job search skills
Read about the ways Career Services can assist you in preparing for the job search and presenting yourself effectively as a candidate for employment
Read "How to Build a close Network" for job hunting
Attend a Job Search Workshop
Attend a career Job Fair
Register with Career Services using the resume referral service
Find a job through Career Services' regularly updated Employment Opportunities
Research a company through Career Services' Resource Center
Meet with a career counselor to critique your resume
Take part in an interview with a recruiter (updated calendar of recruiter visits)
Read Action Taking: The Job Search in the Career Handbook
Join a professional, department, and honorary student organization
Join a student chapter of a professional organization
Best bets from the net! Use this extensive, annotated guide to on-line information for job seekers
Do a net search for jobs using the On-line Classified Ads
Make a web page for yourself (including your resume)
Use the tips described in Resume Writing in the UMD Career Handbook
Use the postings and full job descriptions to find an internship

KEEPING A RECORD Write your resume and file a copy with the resume referral service in the Career Services Office (Campus Center 21)

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