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Deciding on a career or college major is a process that takes time. It's o.k. to be undecided. In fact, some students change majors several times before graduation. Career planning involves learning about yourself (your interests, values, and abilities), and relating that information to occupational choices.

Whether you have chosen a major or not, take the time to explore who you are, what you are interested in, and where your strongest talents are:

Profile your ACT Interest Inventory
Take the Kiersey Temperament Sorter (SunSITE) on-line
Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator identifying your "personality type" which can be related to job titles
Take the California Psychological Inventory giving you general personality traits which can be related to job tasks
Take the Strong Interest Inventory giving you job titles related to your interests
Take the Skills Self Assessment and/or the Occupation Sort available through the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS)
Take the Transferable Skills Survey on-line


key:Learning about resources
Using resources
Managing resources
Get acquainted with UMD's Career Resource Center
Make an appointment with a UMD career counselor to discuss your career plans
Interview professional(s) currently working in career fields you are considering
Read a book or watch a video from the extensive collection in the Career Services Resource Center
Attend Career Workshops
Enroll in an individualized career planning course, Psy 3535, Career Awareness and Development
Discuss your interests, abilities and values with family, friends, parents or UMD faculty and staff
Participate in college and/or community organizations
Write your learning autobiography

KEEPING A RECORD Record your ACT Interest Inventory Results
Record your interview with a professional
Record Your Assessment results
  1. Strong Interest Inventory
  2. Kiersy Temperament Sorter
  3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  4. California Psychological Inventory
Save a copy of your learning autobiography

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