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Many persons and organizations have played a part in making the Ramseyer-Northern Bible Society Museum Collection available in its present form and in making it possible to keep it in good condition and to add appropriate material to it.

Foremost among these, the Library and Administration of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, wish to acknowledge the generosity and assistance of the Northern Bible Society and its President, Daniel H. Mundt.  They first made the Collection available to the University Library, organized the formal transfer, funded the construction of display cases for ongoing public exhibit of the Collection, and have since then provided funding to add items to the Collection and to make possible the Bibliography in its first print form.  Their encouragement has been continuous since the formal transfer of the Collection in 1979.

They have also been generous in providing funding for the equipment and software for the development of the electronic form in which the Bibliography and peripheral information in these pages now appear.

Thanks also should go to the late Robert Heller, who was Chancellor of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, at the time of the donation of the Collection.  It was his foresight which envisioned how the Collection might be housed, protected, developed and made available to users, thus beginning  the process which has now reached this stage --a stage which he himself could not have foreseen, but which would have been heartily approved by him.

The Endowment for Biblical Research in Boston was instrumental in providing funding for the first work of organization of the Collection after its transfer to the Library and for the first publication and distribution of a printed Bibliography.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to Ken Moran, photographer for UMD's Office of University Relations and Development, for the excellent slides that he created of the Collection, some of which have been used in both public presentations and in this Web site.

Personal thanks are also due from the present Curator to the Library Director, and to his good friends on the Library Staff who have not only supported him, but thrust him bodily into the 20th century and its electronic marvels!