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Complete list of items marked "Bible Collection" in the Kathryn A. Martin Library catalog

Bibliography of the Collection

Bible in the English Language:

Bibles in the English language, or including the English language, are arranged as follows:

Bible in English, pre-1600 and Douai (pre-dating the Douai and King James Versions, chronologically by date; Douai Version, chronologically by date)
King James Version 1611-1859 (chronologically by date)
King James Version 1860-(chronologically by date)
19th century English Versions (alphabetically by version)
20th century English Versions (alphabetically by version)
Biblia Pauperum, Polyglot Bibles, and Bibles for the Blind


Bible in Languages Other Than English:

The bibliographies below require you to have a  free software called Acrobat Reader PDFon your computer. Foreign typefaces may not display properly however if you don't have the particular font installed on your computer.

Acholi through Czech PDF
Dagbani through Fulfulde PDF
Ga through Gun-Alada PDF
Hadiyya through Jukun: Takum PDF
Kabyle through Kutchin: Eastern PDF
Lao through Mwaghavul PDF
Nama through Russian PDF
Samoan through Syriac PDF
Tahitian through ZapotecoPDF

Bibles in languages other than English are arranged alphabetically by language, according to the names standardised by the United Bible Societies in Scriptures of the World (New York, 1986). The Number of the language is given as standardised in the United Bible Societie's The Book of a Thousand Tongues (London, 1972), after the abbreviation BTT.  Alternative names of the language are given, as well as a geographic usage indication, if that is not evident from the name.

If the title is not readily understandable from the text of the title page, the English title is given first in parentheses. If a readily understandable title is given elsewhere in the text, this is given first in brackets, regardless of where it may be found in the text.

If the title is in Roman character, it is transcribed from the title page. If the title is not in Roman character, it will be so transcribed, if the font is available, or by a transliteration in brackets, if available. If not, then a statement of the character will be given in brackets. The imprint, if in Roman character, is given as printed. If not in Roman character, it is translated.

In the collation, the height given is of the cover, to the nearest cm.  For paging, the final numbered page, or its bracketed equivalent, is given, unless there is evidence that a more detailed description of the paging or signature makeup is warranted.

The Ramseyer Collection Accession Number is shown in bold type at the right at the end of each entry.


Other Items in the Collection

Torah, Koran, Artifacts
Prayer Books, Hymnals PDF
Scripture Gift Mission Publications PDF
Other Miscellaneous Publications PDF




The following bibliographies have been used for comparison, verification and information.  The abbreviations preceding each are used in the Notes to entries, in the order below:

D & M   British and Foreign Bible Society Library.  Historical catalogue of the printed editions of the Holy Scripture in the Library of the Society.  Comp. by T. H. Darlow and H. F. Moule.  London,  Bible House,  1903-11.
Herbert   Herbert, Arthur Sumner.  Historical catalogue of printed editions of the English Bible, 1525-1961. New York,  American Bible Society, 1968..
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Hain Hain, Ludwig Friedrich Theodor.  Repertorium bibliographicum, in quo libri omnes ab arte typographica inventa usque ad annum MD.  Stuttgart, Cotta, 1826-1838.
STC   Pollard, Alfred William and Redgrave, G. R.  A short title catalog of books printed in England, Scotland and Ireland ... 1475-1640.  London, The Bibliographical Society, 1926.

This form of the Bibliography takes the place of the original printing and will be continually updated, so that reference may be had to the Collection in as timely a manner as possible.  Support from the Northern Bible society is making additional acquisitions possible, and continuing donations from interested persons, both in kind and in dollars, will continue to build the Collection into the future.  Much conservation and repair work also needs to be done and it is hoped that financial support from concerned persons and organizations will make this possible.

Respectful thanks is expressed to the Endowment for Biblical Research and the Northern Bible Society for their encouragement as well as their financial support; also to the Administration of the Library for the space and facilities made available to me.  Thanks is especially due to the late Chancellor Emeritus Robert Heller, who encourage the initial transfer of the Collection to the Kathryn A. Martin Library.

Donald J. Pearce