Fifteen Translations of the Story of the Good Samaritan

The expression "A Good Samaritan" has become embedded in the Englush language and is a reference for many who probably could not say with any certainty where it comes from and what the original story is.

Although the original Greek is simple and clear enough, the idea of the story lends itself to interpretation and variation in translation in interesting ways.

Displayed are fifteen translation, as well as the Greek, that illustrate how these variations can be done. Some translators endeavor to be accurately faithful to the Greek, while others are more intent on conveying the message of the parables. English translations from the first versions in Anglo-Saxon to the colloquial and creole of the 1990's are shown.

Anglo-Saxon, 9th Century

The earliest translations into English were often done as notes by Saxon priests between the lines of the Latin Vulgate. These have been collected and collated to give us a version of the very first attempts to translate the Scriptures into English.

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