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What's in a Name?

Currently on display, 4th floor, Kathryn A. Martin Library

What's in a nameKathryn A. Martin Library invites you to view selections from a new exhibit from the Ramseyer Northern Bible Society Collection.

Everyone has a name. Many of us have a formal name.  Many of us elect to use a shortened form of our name.  Some of us have an additional a "nick name" known only to to our close friends or family.  

Some names are conventionally given only to a boy or only to a girl.  However, some names typically given to a boy can be modified for a girl, for example Paul for a boy and Paulina for a girl.  Some names serve both males and females: Allison, Lynn, and Morgan are ready examples from the past and the present. There are many variations on names: Victoria can be Vicki.  Mary can be Mara.  Allison can be Skip. Edward can be Teddy or Ned.  

Names are deeply personal, and they can be loved, appricated, or completely disliked. People can formally change their official name: some people elect not to use their formal name, and we may never know them except by the name they chose to use.  

The origin of our name may we well known to us: it may be a family name in use generation after generation.  The origin of our name can be completely unknown. The origin of our name can be simply a favorite choice at the time of our birth or our youth.

This exhibit features the origin of names from the context of the Bible.  See More >>


Obadiah and Jonah


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