The United Bible Societies

The United Bible Societies is an umbrella organization of  World-wide Bible Societies and was founded in England in 1946. It works to coordinate and integrate the work of Bible Societies throughout the world, but has no decision-making or controlling power over any of them.  It is the organization which keeps track of the work of translation throughout the world and periodically publishes its "Scriptures of the World" listing of translations from the first efforts to the present. Included in this compilation are maps correlating language and location and listings of language name changes and variants. 

the Library keeps an annotated copy of this list, so that the holdings of the Ramseyer-Northern Bible Society Museum Collection can be easily searched by language or by geographical location.

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  Purple book cover in foreign language Page with text
Scriptures of the World
published by the United Bible Societies.
   Book cover
The Book of a Thousand Tongues

published by the United Bible Societies.  

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