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With the support of the Northern Bible Society and a grant from the Willis E. and Emma E. O'Connor Foundation, Kathryn A. Martin Library staff designed and unveiled in 2001 an interactive touch-screen computer kiosk that showcases the history, selected bibles, unusual languages, and other aspects of the Collection through high-resolution images and audio narration by Donald J. Pearce, who served as curator of the Collection from 1989 to 2001.

Dedication Plaque
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The kiosk's ease-of-use makes it appealing to those of all ages. One touch to the screen starts it, and you can sit back and watch the presentation like a movie. You also can touch large buttons on the screen to navigate the topics in any order you like. The oval buttons on the left are the main topics, and the rectangle buttons contain chapters within each main topic. The kiosk is located on the fourth floor at the top of the big staircase, and is available to the public during regular library hours. The low resolution online version is very similar but lacks the "help" key. When finished, use your browser's Back Button.

Willis E. and Emma E. O'Connor with Donald J. Pearce
Left to right: Paul Ramseyer, (great nephew of Henry Ramseyer)
with wife Grace, and Donald Pearce, kiosk narrator

Tour group visiting
The kiosk is located on the fourth floor near the big staircase

Church and lay groups, societies and clubs are cordially invited to organize special visits to the Ramseyer-Northern Bible Society Museum Collection. A member of the Library staff will give commentaries on the material held, by prior arrangement. Call 218-726-8102 for more information.