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3. COLLECTION TITLE: Duluth (City) Planning Commission. Records.

INCLUSIVE DATES: 1956, June 4, 1979 - to present

4. DONOR (name & address): Duluth (City) Planning Commission

5. Date Received: August 1979; April 16, 2003

6. Restrictions: none

7. No. of Boxes: 6

8. No. of Vol. (in boxes): 13 paperback, spiral bound

9. Linear Inches or Feet: 3 linear ft.

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The collection consists of selected department records, special projects, and minutes of special commissions and advisory councils.

Notable Projects:

Records from a 1939-1940 WPA project, O. P. 665-71-3-385, titled Study in Changes in Land Values [city of Duluth] is entered on three oversized, 1939 Duluth city limits base maps: 1) Study in Changes in Land Values: Changes in Front-Foot Values From 1916 to 1936, 2) Map Showing Read Estate Values, 1924 Valuations, Values per front foot $10 to $150, 3) Study in Changes in Land Values: Front-Foot Values in 1936. See photocopies of sample sections following this page.

WPA project [no project number is noted] is recorded on a map with the words "Well - Sparsely Settled Areas" and a January 1936 date. The words may or may not apply to the project, and the date may be a project date, but it may be the date of the base map used to identify the proposed work. It is not known if this work was accomplished or accomplished in whole or in part. The map has 27 numbered, detailed projects penciled onto the map for work in parks, beaches, on trails, paths, gold courses, etc. doing: clearing, grubbing, tree planting and pruning, ditching, relaying curbs and pavement, painting, sign painting, cleaning, maintenance and operation of skating rinks and toboggan slides, etc. all over the city within city limits. Projects with numbers 7, 11, and 19 are in many multiple parts and numbers 23, 24, and 25 each have parts A and B. Each of the projects identified has a cost in dollars identified. See sample photocopies that follow.

A thirteen volume Comprehensive Plan for the City of Duluth that was written from 1956-1959, with a final portion added in 1960 called a Report on the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Duluth. The Plan was written by Harland Bartholomew City Planning Consultants for the City of Duluth's Planning Department.

See following Container List for holdings.

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1 1-12 Comprehensive Plan 1956-58

5 Comprehensive Plan 1956-58 CHARTS/DIAGRAMS

four original, folio charts (with color symbols and bar graphs) placed on 1957 Duluth city maps for the Parks & Schools, vol. 5, portion of the Comprehensive Plan:

1) Existing Recreation Facilities

2) Existing School Facilities

3) Distribution of Elementary School Enrollments

4) Proposed School System

[these four charts are in volume 5 of the Comprehensive Plan as black & white tables]

printed vol. 5]

1 13 Comprehensive Plan 1960

Report on Comprehensive Plan

14-19 Duluth Futures Conference, 1983

20 City Planning Commission Second Annual Report, 1924

21 Duluth: A Plan for the Duluth Downtown Waterfront,

Dec. 1982

1a 1-5 Downtown Waterfront Mixed-Use Design Committee

June 1990- December 1994

2 1-3 Jan. 1995-June 1996

4- July 1996-

3 1-4 Duluth Heritage Preservation Commission

October 1989-4/2000

6 May 2000-

4 1 Environmental Advisory Council 1998

see following pages for more details about 1956-1958 Comprehensive Plan