Margaret Wise Brown

1910 - 1952

(1984 Kerlan Award)


The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature." The books listed below are owned by the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) Library.


Brown, Margaret Wise. (1952). A child's good morning book. (Lithographs by Jean Charlot). New York : William R Scott. PRIM-FIC B879cg

As the sun rises, birds, horses, rabbits, flowers, bugs, and finally children get up to start the day.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1943). A child's good night book. (Color lithographs by Jean Charlot). New York : W.R. Scott. PRIM-FIC B879CH

Animals, people, and things become quiet and sleep when night comes.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1958). The color kittens; a child's first book about colors. (Illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen). New York : Golden Press. PRIM-FIC B879CO

While the color kittens are trying to make green paint, their mixing leads to pink, orange and purple.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1965). The dead bird. (Illustrated by Remy Charlip). New York : Young Scott. PRIM-FIC B879DE

The bird was dead when the children found it, so they dug a grave in the woods and buried it, and sang a song to it.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1947). The golden egg book. (Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard). New York : Golden Press. PRIM-FIC B879G

A Bunny finds an egg with something moving inside of it, and when a baby duck pecks his way out of the egg, the two animals become friends.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1947). Goodnight moon. (Pictures by Clement Hurd). New York : Harper. PRIM-FIC B879GO

At bedtime a young bunny has to say goodnight to everything in his room and all the stars and the moon.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1949). The important book. (Pictures by Leonard Weisgard). New York : Harper. PRIM-FIC B879IM

Relates what is important about glass, a spoon, a daisy, grass, rain, snow, an apple, wind, sky, a shoe and you.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1942). Indoor noisy book. (Pictures by Leonard Weisgard). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC B879IN

A little dog who has a cold stays indoors all day and listens to the sounds of housecleaning, meals being eaten, and the wind and rain beating on the window pane.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1971). Little chicken. (Pictures by Leonard Weisgard). New York ; London : Harper. PRIM-FIC B879LC

When his friend the rabbit goes off for a run, a little chick looks for another playmate.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1946). Little fur family. (Pictures by Garth Williams). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC B879L

Tells of the experiences of the little fur child as he investigates some other creatures of the wild wood.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1946). The little island by Golden MacDonald [pseud.]. (Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard). Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday. PRIM-FIC M1353LI 

Depicts the changes that occur on a small island as the seasons come and go, as day changes to night, and as a storm approaches.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1945). Little lost lamb by Golden MacDonald [pseud.]. (Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard). Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday & Co. PRIM-FIC B879LL

A little shepherd boy discovers that a lamb is missing and climbs the high mountain in the dark and cold to search for it.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1998). The little scarecrow boy. (Pictures by David Diaz). New York : HarperCollinsPublishers. PRIM-FIC B879LS

Early one morning, a little scarecrow whose father warns him that he is not fierce enough to frighten a crow goes out into the cornfield alone.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1959). Nibble, nibble; poems for children. (Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard). New York : W. R. Scott. 811 B8793n

Twenty-five poems, about insects, fish, animals, birds, and the seasons.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1939). The noisy book. (Pictures by Leonard Weisgard). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC B879NO

When Muffin the dog has to wear a bandage over his eyes, he begins to identify noisy things around him.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1961). On Christmas Eve. (Illustrated by Beni Montresor). New York : Young Scott Books. PRIM-FIC B879O

Unable to sleep on Christmas eve, four children creep downstairs to see the tree, their stockings, their wrapped gifts, and to hear the singing of the carolers.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1980). Once upon a time in a pigpen, and three other stories. (Pictures by Ann Strugnell). Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley. PRIM-FIC B879ON

Includes the following stories: Once upon a time in a pigpen; Quiet in the wilderness; A remarkable rabbit; and The gentle tiger.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1942). The runaway bunny. (Pictures by Clement Hurd). New York and London : Harper. PRIM-FIC B879R

A little rabbit who wants to run away tells his mother how he will escape, but she is always right behind him; even if he changes into a fish, she will become a fisherman fishing with a carrot.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1955). Seven stories about a cat named Sneakers. (Illustrated by Jean Charlot). New York : W.R. Scott. PRIM-FIC B879RS

Relates the adventures of a highly curious cat named Sneakers.

Yll. (1947). The sleepy little lion. (Photos by Ylla [pseud]; words by Margaret Wise Brown). New York : Harper. PRIM-FIC B879RU

In between naps, a sleepy baby lion meets a fox terrier, a Siamese cat, children, two white rabbits and a kitten.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1974). The steamroller : a fantasy. (Illustrated by Evaline Ness). New York : Walker. PRIM-FIC B879S

A little girl wakes up on Christmas morning and finds that her only gift is a big black steamroller.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1951). The summer noisy book. (Pictures by Leonard Weisgard). New York : Harper and Row. PRIM-FIC B879su

On a trip to the country, a little dog named Muffin encounters all kinds of new and puzzling sounds.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1954). Wheel on the chimney. (Illustrated by Tibor Gergely). Philadelphia : Lippincott. PRIM-FIC B879WH

A pair of storks raise their young on a rooftop in Hungary and then join other storks as they migrate from Europe to Africa for the winter.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1947). The winter noisy book. (Pictures by Charles G. Shaw). New York : Harper & Row. PRIM-FIC B879wi

A little dog listens to the indoor and outdoor sounds of winter: sneezes, branches rattling against the window, the crackling of a fire in the fireplace, and the tinkling of iced tree branches.

Brown, Margaret Wise. (1960). The wonderful house. (Rev. ed.). (Illustrated by J.P. Miller). New York : Golden Press. PRIM-FIC B879wo

Describes the homes of people and animals and then shows a special house for many creatures.

Author Information

Berman, R. (2001). Margaret Wise Brown. The Kerlan Awards in children's literature, 1975-2001 (pp. 78-85). St. Paul: Pogo Press. Children REF PN 497 .K47 2001

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Brown, Margaret Wise 1910-1952 (Timothy Hay, Golden MacDonald; Juniper Sage, a joint pseudonym). (1999). In Something about the author (Vol. 100, pp. 35-39). Detroit: Gale. PN 451 .S6 & Online V. 1 - 199, 1971- 2009


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