Elizabeth Coatsworth

1893 - 1986

(1975 Kerlan Award)


The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature." The books listed below are owned by the University of Minnesota Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library.


Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane.(1937). Alice-all-by-herself. (Pictures by Marguerite de Angeli). New York : Macmillan Co. INTR-FIC C6523AL

Stories about Alice, who lives in an old house in Maine and who has interesting, everyday adventures.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1934). Away goes Sally. (Pictures by Helen Sewell). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523AW

During the 18th century, Sally and her aunts and uncles move from Massachusetts to a new frontier home in Maine, by means of a little home on runners.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1967). Bess and the Sphinx. (Illustrations by Bernice Loewenstein). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523BE

The author recreates the experiences of a childhood trip to Egypt where her passion for travel and writing began.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1952). Boston bells. (Pictures by Manning DeV. Lee ). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523BO

Tells John S. Copley's story of how he came to be a painter.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1958). The cat who went to heaven. (Illustrated by Lynd Ward). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523CA

A little cat comes to the home of a poor Japanese artist and, by humility and devotion, brings him good fortune, and illustrates the mercy and compassion of Buddhism.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1958). The cave. (Illustrated by Allan Houser). New York : Viking Press. INTR-FIC C6523CAV

A young Navajo boy helps a Basque sheepherder take the ranch's sheep to summer pasture, and is able to save the sheep when a sudden storm appears.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1955). Cherry Ann and the Dragon Horse. (Illustrated by Manning de Villeneuve Lee). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523CH

Cherry Ann and her family have fled China to make San Francisco their home, but not without work and problems.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1950). Door to the north : a saga of fourteenth century America. (Illustrated by Frederick T. Chapman). Philadelphia : Winston. INTR-FIC C6523DO

A fourteenth century Norwegian expedition to find the Greenland colony that has forsaken its home and religion travels as far as the New World, where they find their countrymen have joined the Mandan Indians.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1968). The Enchanted : an incredible tale. (Illustrated by Mary Frank). New York : Pantheon Books. INTR-FIC C6523EN

A fantasy about a young Maine farmer who marries one of the neighbor girls and almost lives to regret it.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1940). The Fair American. (Pictures by Helen Sewell). New York : The Macmillan Company. INTR-FIC C6523FA

Sally and Andrew voyage to France on the Fair American. They persuade Andrew's father to take home Pierre, sole survivor of a French aristocratic family in the French Revolution. It is Pierre's story of escape to America.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1950). First adventure. (Illustrated by Ralph Ray). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523FIR

Johnny Billington is a curious youngster whose energy gets him lost, rescued by Indians and found, finally, by his family.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1939). Five bushel farm. (Pictures by Helen Sewell). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523FIV

Little Andrew Patterson's father is long overdue from his sea voyage, and Andrew travels to Penobscot to work for his keep with the Hallet family. When Captain Patterson strides into town, he stays to help complete complete Five Bushel Farm, and then leaves with more than he planned to take. Sequel to Away goes Sally.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1969). George and Red. (Pictures by Paul Giovanopoulos). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523GE

The adventures of two boys living near Niagara Falls at the time of the Civil War. Among other episodes they unknowingly help an Irishman join the Fenian troops invading Canada.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1935). The golden horseshoe. (Illustrated by Robert Lawson). New York : Macmillan Company. INTR-FIC C6523GO

Tamar and Roger are half-sister and -brother growing up in the colony of Virginia with many adventures, some among the Indians.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1942). Houseboat summer. (Illustrated by Marguerite Davis). New York : Macmillan Company. INTR-FIC C6523HO

Bill and Alexandra spend the summer on their aunt and uncle's houseboat.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1960). Indian encounters : an anthology of stories and poems. (Illustrated by Frederick T. Chapman). New York : Macmillan. 808.8 C6524i

An anthology with many beautiful American Indian poems as well as exciting stories.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1969). Indian mound farm. (Drawings by Fermin Rocker.). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523IN

Pamelia spends vacation on her aunt's farm built on top of an Indian mound near St. Louis. She makes friends with a lame goose and an Indian descended from the Mound Builders.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1952). The last fort : a story of the French voyageurs. (Illustrated by Edward Shenton). Philadelphia : Winston. INTR-FIC C6523LA

A sober fifteen-year-old French youth joins an unlikely party of voyageurs bound for the Mississippi boundary of Illinois, to search for a new home for his family and to prove himself to his father.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1949). The little haymakers. (Illustrated by Grace Paull). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523LI

Terry Davis gets two bull calves to raise. Over the next three years they teach him some of the most valuable lessons he will ever learn.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1940). The littlest house. (Illustrations by Marguerite Davis). New York : The Macmillan Company. INTR-FIC C6523LK

A neighbor offers three children the loan of a little house to play in.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1968). The lucky ones : five journeys toward a home. (Illustrated by Janet Doyle). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523LU

Five episodes about refugee families from China, Tibet, Hungary, Rwanda, and Algeria show how refugees throughout the world share the same struggle for existence and the same occasional glimmers of hope.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1975). Marra's world. (Illustrated by Krystyna Turska). New York : Greenwillow Books. INTR-FIC C6523MAR

Raised by a harsh grandmother and an indifferent father, Marra comes to understand her world with the help of her seal mother.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1954). The sod house. (Illustrated by Manning deV. Lee). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523SO

The Traubels come to American from Germany, but they can't stay settled when Mr. Traubel learns about slavery and a way he can help put an end to it. The way to help means moving to Kansas and putting themselves in danger, but it turns out to be the best thing they could have done.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1966). The sparrow bush : rhymes. (Wood engravings by Stefan Martin). New York : Norton. 814 C652

In these pages the young reader will share the writer’s pleasure and delight in the flight of a bird, the feel of rain, the changing of seasons, the sounds of a thunder storm in all the simple rhythms of nature.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1948). Summer green. (Illustrated by Nora S. Unwin). New York : Macmillan Co. 811 C652s

Poems which reflect the sounds and sights of summertime.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1936). Sword of the wilderness. (Illustrated by Harvé Stein). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523SW

Seth Hubbard is captured by the Indians when they attack Pemaquoit in 1689, but finds life with the Indians interesting during his captivity.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1943). Thief island. (Illustrated by John Wonsetler). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523TH

David Little doesn't like bringing his children to an island off the coast of Maine to live, but he has no choice. After many adventures and scares, the family makes the island into a home.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth. (1971). Under the green willow. (Etchings by Janina Domanska). New York : Macmillan. PRIM-FIC C6524un

The pond creatures gather under the willow tree to be fed crumbs.

Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane. (1946). The wonderful day. (Pictures by Helen Sewell). New York : Macmillan. INTR-FIC C6523WO

The fifth book in the "Sally" series tells of one eventful day in Sally's life in eighteenth-century Maine and how she and her old friend Andrew must combine their efforts to save Five Bushel Farm.

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